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Men’s | Our Mission

Our Purpose statement: To encourage and equip every man through the transforming power of God’s Word!

The most important thing we can do is to let men know that there is a system that explains why it is so hard to find happiness in achievement or relationships in this world. We have a system that shows them what authentic happiness is and how they can achieve it.

It’s called the gospel, and it’s all explained in the Bible.

Disciples are men who are called to

  • Walk with Christ – they profess faith in Jesus Christ
  • Equip themselves to live like Christ – they are engaged in a process of spiritual growth and transformation
  • Be willing to be sent to work for Christ – they serve the Lord

Once a man has been with Christ, experienced the joy of His grace, the warmth of His love, the cleansing of His forgiveness, and the indwelling of His Spirit, he inevitably comes to a point when he can no longer be happy unless he is serving the Lord.